Friday, August 31, 2007


Woot, we have arrived to Kuwait and I'm posting from my home as promised, nothing special to say but just wanted to let the people who are outside of Kuwait that we landed safely in Kuwait, any further information on videos or anything else will be provided when I know, but from what I know now is that bnbn is going to his parent's chalet for about a week I think, so there isn't going to be a media upload update for a week, but I'll try to update once in a while. Ciao~

1- I missed the home cooking. (hmm...NERO!!!)
2- I've got some downloading to do.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The End...

Yes, this is probably going be our last post for our trip, we hope you enjoyed our blog, however, we don't know if we're going to continue updating the blog or not. I'm not going to make this long since I've got a some stuff to do ahead. Finally, for our people who wanted to know when are we coming back: {na8za 3alshan eymerrona :P}

Flight Number: UL 227
Date of Arrival: 31st of August 2007
Time of Arrival: 18:15= 6:15 PM (Kuwait Time)
Flight Path {No, not of World of Warcraft's :P}: Tokyo----->Maldives----->Colombo----->Dubai---->Kuwait

Yes, we know we're going to be through hell by just looking at the flight path, but we'll make it {enshalla}. Ciao~


1- I'm probably going to update the blog myself from my home when I return.
2- To Ahmed.B, this post was harder on me to write than it is for you to read it. {Ya3ni Dramatic :P }
3- I'm tired :(

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Yes, I'm sorry to say that the last 2 days won't be any recordings for them because our camera malfunctioned { ya3ni e5terbat :P }, and we're kinda busy wrapping up our stuff and doing some shopping but we'll try to update with old videos and pictures if possible so no promises. Ciao~

1- This was a short post again, yes I know, but bnbn insisted that I don't write a long post, I kinda agree, since I'm going to pack up my bags now.
2- This post wasn't posted in the middle of the night.
3- Tareq, I dreamed yesterday about a 2nd live-action show of One Piece, hope you're not angry. :P
4- Ahmed.B, this post is more boring to write than to read it.

Monday, August 27, 2007

The "No New Updates Post"... Nah, Just Kidding

Yay, no more "No new updates", least today isn't that post, well, enjoy the new video from us, hope you like it. Ciao~

1- This is a very short post which comes only once a year.
2- The reason is that I'm going to have my dinner, and I'm dying from hunger (Thanks NooNoo and bnbn)
3- To Ahmed, this post was both easy to read and write.

And The Poster is...?!

اشلونكم جميعًا
ادري إنه مالي حس و مو قاعد اشارك كلش بس عشان صار الطلب وايد علي قلت اراضي جمهوري ولو اشويه هيهيهيهيييي
بما انه هذا اول بوست حقي قلت اتكلم عن اللي صار اليوم و اللي تحت عنوان "بطيينه الجربه": ما بقى على السفرة إلا يومييين فا الكل حس بالوقت و قام يشتري الأكو و اللي ماكو اللي يشتري صوايغ و اللي يشتري اجهزه يعني بختصار قمنا انرد الفندق كذا مره عشان انفرغ البضائع لوووووووووووووول الصراحة أنا من ناحيتي تقريبًا فلست هيهيهييي بس لا اتخافووون انا فاتح صندوق تبروعات فا اللي يحب يساعد اخوووكم و حبييبكم المسكيييين يحوللي على هالإحساب ٤٦٤٤٥٢٠١٠٠٠٠٠٠٠٠ انا ادري انكم ما راح اتقصرون لووووووول
و حبيييت اشكر كل من شارك في الموقع وبالأخص اللي قاعدييين يردون على المواضيع لأن صج بدونهم جان ما نجح الموقع وصار حده ماله معنى فا يعطيييكم ألف ألف عافيه و سامحونه على القصور بباي انشوفكم على خير

Sunday, August 26, 2007

One Piece

We are lucky enough to be in Japan during the 10th anniversary for the creation of the most famous anime and manga One Piece.

There is alot of buzz around this anniversay such as special manga volumes magazines and one piece themed shops.

I definitely got a One Piece fever now and I'm in a pirates frenzy mode, all of this is because of the One piece live action we went to at the Universal Studios at Osaka.

ok now we will present to u a teaser video of the show, enjoy and don't be angry (Tarek :P)

Note: we didn't know about the show when we went to the Universal Studios it was a lucky hit for us :)

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Another Troublesome Post...

Well, at least this time they are not sleeping while I'm writing this since they are preparing their bags for tomorrow to go to Tokyo, but they should be sleeping in a few minutes :) . So, you get the point I guess, no new pics or videos today, and as always, bnbn will wholeheartedly take the blame :P That's it for now, and I guess I should start preparing my bags as well even though I'm kinda lazy to do it :P Ciao.

1- I had fun tonight watching the others having dinner, they'll tell you the rest later.
2- I feel weird about this post, it looks good but it seems that it missing something, oh well, I guess that should do...for now. :)
3- My bag has started to run out of space :(
4- We'll probably be more busy when we go back to Tokyo, but who knows, you'll know when I post I guess. :D
5- I'm hungry :(

Friday, August 24, 2007

The "No New Updates Post"...AGAIN!?

Yup, everyone around me is sleeping, we got to our hotel at 10:00 PM, we uploaded the videos we got from our camera at 12:30 AM so we didn't have any time to work on videos, tomorrow is also kind of a long shot for some updates, because we'll be out of town from 10:00 AM and probably be back at 10:30 PM, not mentioning having to prepare the bags and stuff and getting some sleep for our return for Tokyo. Well, that's it for now, if there's going to be some updates, you'll probably see it in about 18-22 hours from this post, unless the others wanted to post a morning post which I highly doubt, heh, they are even counting on me to wake them up in the morning, maybe I shouldn't and make things a little chaotic and see what happens when we miss our trains. I'm heading to bed, Ciao~

1- This post surprisingly pleased me, even though it was kinda short for me :P
2- I'm still not affected by bnbn's *na8za* about me doing some long introductions.
3- The time of this post is 1:45 AM, one more hour to break my new all-nighter recored, but I'll leave it for Tokyo to break it...I hope :)
4- You can blame bnbn again for not doing the videos if that makes you feel better...Well, at least it does for me :)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

4 in 1

هذا فيديو سريع قبل النوم و من دون مقدمات نفس بعض الناس شوفوا الفيديو و انشاء الله يعجبكم

10 Selected Pics

Hey guys sorry for not posting new pics for a long time, we were kinda busy since we moved from Tokyo to Osaka, it took about 3:30 by Shinkansen(Bullet Train) the fastest train on earth :), it was a great experience riding on the shinkansen, it's like riding in the J class of an airplane with much less services or maybe no services at all, I just thought it's like a J class because of the wide space between seats.

Ok now it's time for some new pics, unfortunatley we've been taking less pics recently so I've reduced the number to 10 pics, get ready and fasten your seat belt for a quick ride through images of our trip, have a safe ride :)

as usual commentary by Ibrahim

Astro NoNO

First Yoga and now Buddha statues, bnbn continues his journey to find his true self

Poor whale, it's trapped it the subway station forever, talk about animal abuse :P

Hayya ya Kukiiii!!!

Waiting for our Shinkansen to Osaka, as u can see we're all holding drinks, I call that the vending machine fever

Mario left, Wario right :P

Zizu after being infected with the slot machine virus

I personally like the pose more than the background

hmmm... we're thinking how to cure the patient (the character is a doctor)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Prices in Tokyo & New Video

اخيرا شبعت نوم فحبيت اسلم عليكم و انزل لكم هذا الموضوع على السريع وهو عن الاسعار باليابان

This is Some of the prices in Tokyo:

Coca Cola (From Vending Machine)---->> .375 KD
Water From Supermarket--->> .275KD
Mcdonald’s Fish Meal (With out Drink) --->> 1.25 KD
KFC Shrimp Meal ( With out Drink) --->> 1.7 KD
Japanese Lunch (Normal Restaurant)--->> 2.5 KD
Bus From The Airport To the Hotel (2 Hour) --->> 7.5 KD
Subway ticket (one way) ~ .325 KD
Taxi from Mid Tokyo to our hotel ~ 10 KD
Tokyo Tower Cap --->> 4.5 KD


P.S Of The Day!!!

Again, in the end of the day, I'm the only one awake, and the P.S of the day is:


Or you can just blame bnbn for not completing the video editing even though I told him, but he went to sleep, sigh...
Oh yes, I noticed that my posts are getting shorter, probably that I feel guilty about making you read a long post, I'll think about a reason later or more importantly, A NEW LONG POST TO DO!!! Anyways, sorry about the bad news, ciao~

Hello Osaka!

I'm posting this in the afternoon, so I'm not in the mood for a long post, maybe after a day or two if I'm tired since it gives me some creativity. Anyways, as the title says again, we arrived in Osaka, hmm... First thought on the city, well...lets see... it's different than Tokyo that's for sure, and umm... Buildings are kind of smaller than Tokyo's. No update on pics or videos for now as we just arrived in our hotel, but maybe later. Hope there's something interesting to do here or find the places we wanted to find. :D

P.S: I'm also not in the mood for long "P.S's" but I'm gonna post at least one for someone who should know that it's meant for him :P

- This post WASN'T hard to read than to write since it was kinda short for me.

This should do it for now, Ciao~

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Late "Read This Before Posting!" Post

As always, everyone gone to bed except me *Cries* but I wanted to post this anyway, even though it's kinda late for it but I still wanted to request this anyway, and I hope to see some cooperation. We're having identifying some posters here in the blog so here's what I concluded so far anyway:
1- We know who you are if one of these conditions applies on you anyway:

A- You're one of our real life friends or we told you about the blog anyway, personally and not by someone else telling you about it. (Sorry, but even if we know you in real life, we may not remember you or your nickname doesn't look familiar).

B- Your nickname is recognizable, for example, someone wrote his real name as his display name (which most of our friends and family have done it).

C- You wrote your real name in the end of your post.

2- We don't know who you are if one of these conditions applies on you anyway:

A- You knew about our blog through someone else, whether it was your real life friend told you or you came through youtube or other forums, therefore, we probably don't know personally.

B- You keep changing your display name or post as an anonymous.

3- If you think we don't know you, please try one of these steps anyway:

A- Anyway, keep your display name and don't post as an anonymous.

B- If you want to make us suffer or you're too lazy to create a new display name, you're mean, but I can fix that, post you real name or 1st name at least at the end of the post please.

C- For people who don't want to post their real names anyway, if you're family, state at least your relation to one of us please. For friends, hmm... I don't know, anyway, refresh our memories with an incident or two or anything you like. (This can be applied on family as well anyway).

D- For people who came to this blog through our blog link in youtube or other forums *Cough* *Kuro-Hana* *Cough*, just saying at least from where you found us or the forum or came you from would be fine anyway.

-If you didn't cooperate with this or didn't get an answer from us to a question or a comment you wrote, it's probably because that we're busy, or most importantly, WE DON'T KNOW YOU AND THEREFORE, WE WILL NOT REPLY!!!

-I will write this again in another way in caps anyway, in case someone missed the meaning of what I'm saying: YOU DON'T NEED TO FOLLOW THE STEPS IN SECTION NO.3 IF YOU'RE 100% SURE THAT WE KNOW YOU ANYWAY.

Finally, I hope that doesn't feel offended or get me wrong or feel that I'm angry (well... maybe a little) about this idea, but I feel that these suggestions would help us improve our communication with you anyway. Almost forgot, tomorrow we're going to Osaka in the afternoon but there's a slight chance that it'll be updated in the morning, anyway, if our hotel by any chance didn't had internet access, we'll probably just post once to tell you that and no pictures or video updates will be made while we're there anyway. Thank you ^^


2- Yes, I know you hate me for these long posts anyway, but I like them, that would make us even... I think... Maybe not but I still like them anyway.
3- This post is also abnormal, people don't make this long posts just to explain a rule, but I wanted to anyway. :D
4- I don't know how many *anyway* I wrote and I'm too lazy to count, it's almost 2:00 am here, so if anyone wanted to count them, be my guest anyway. <<------(This *anyway* counts as well) :) .
5- This post was created, fixed, modified, edited, cleaned, produced, directed and all the other stuff I forgot to mention by Zizu. :P
6- You probably hate me more from the previous P.S :P
7- My friends are soooooo gonna be surprised by this, as they even didn't know about this or what I'm going to write. :D
8- The number of P.S's are much more than my previous one. :P

Note from the other members of the Crew: This post was made solely by Zizu and the other crewmembers are not responsible for it!

20 Selected Pics

here are 20 pics selected out from more than a total of more than 200 pics that were shot during this trip, commentary will be provided by your correspondent Ibrahim, enjoy :)

DisneyLando!! we just arrived :0

DisneyLando!! we are about to leave ;)

Contrast In Cultures

Practicing YOGA


Ya Man! Jamaica ftw!

Power Rangers :P

The famous rockstar Ibrahim with one of his big fans

We picked them up outside the Subway Station, the guy in the middle is an Indie singer and he was performing in the street, he's really good, Zizu and I bought his CD

QNKT(Q8Japan National Karate Team) OSU!!!

This time they really wanted to take a pic with us so badly, I'm not kidding ;)

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollow

Baloolo-San with Fuji-San

Pic with our tour guide to Fuji-san, his name is Harry, and his English is not Harry at all

I believe I can fly~

This pic was shot in Ginza, the most luxurious shopping district in Tokyo, the main event of this pic is our Japanese friend Samir Shingo, he studies arabic language.

Gomu Gomu no FUUSEN!!!

This pic is a memorial of meeting our Japanese friends, Shingo and Keita, Keita speaks very good arabic by the way :)

This pic was taken when we visited NY the other day :P

They never stop following us :(

Monday, August 20, 2007

Hmm...Our First Guided Tour...Well, At Least A Part Of It...

Title says it all...I think, we barely had time to eat dinner tonight, but we couldn't go to sleep (Well... At least I'm not, the rest are asleep now ^^) until a video was uploaded, good thing is that we had something prepared couple of days ago just in case of these kind of emergencies. So that's our little update for now until 16-20 hours probably, but it depends on the others really if they wanted to post something else but as far as I know, this is it for now. Hopefully, we'll upload even greater videos tomorrow...If we had time, because tomorrow is our last day in Tokyo before heading out to Osaka, so we'll probably be busy, but, who knows...Anyways, Enjoy the short and simple video :D

1- This post was longer than my previous one.
3- Reading this post was harder than typing it in the first place. {Thanks for the good memory of our last Biological Chemistry Lab Report Ahmad :D}

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sri Lanka Good Memories, Yea RIGHT!!!

Finally, I get to have some shine in this blog with my 2nd post, bah, I should've posted more anyways, I've been doing the fixing and stuff behind the shadows, heh...figures, I'm the most evil one in the group anyway. Well then, enough boring stuff, me and bnbn pulled an all-nighter for this old movie which took about a week and we hope you like it.

News Report...Again!?

We spent a lot of time and we needed a lot of courage to make this video come true, I hope that you will like it :)

Edit: The video has been fixed, it should be working now.


Saturday, August 18, 2007

News Report!?

مشكورين علي الردود و خلتونا نتحمس للموقع زيادة بس المشكله ان ماعندنا وقت كافي ان نسوي اخراج للفيديوات و نرد على كل الشباب وانشاء الله ابراهيم راح يحاول يرد عليكم و يعلق عن اليابان و انا اصمم الفيديوات و انزل الصور

المهم انشاء الله كل يوم راح ننزل نشرة اخبارية كوميدية من اليابان بس اليوم راح ننزل نشرتين هدية

I would like to thank everyone for their comments, and as much as we like to update the site with videos and pictures, the problem is that we don't have much time to update the blog but anyways, here's a treat from us with two video reports. I hope that we can make more reports in the future.

P.S: This english post wasn't made by bnbn :D

Friday, August 17, 2007

Meeting our Friend Samir Shingo

Samir Shingo is our Japanese friend we met him online before our trip and he studies arabic and he offered to accompany us in Tokyo to help us know the system of the city more, we are going to meet him today and he will take us to a Turkish halal restaurant in Tokyo. allah yaster mn se3er el ma63am :S

SUPER H2O!!!!!!

hohoho I hope u like this commercial, this is the first commrcial done by the Q8Japan group, the will be alot more in the future

Pics, Pics and more Pics

A collection of pictures presented to you by Q8Japan Group covering the journey from Kuwait and the transit at Sirilanka and the first and second day of our stay at Tokyo.

a commentary of each pic will be provided by your correspondent Ibrahim :)

Zizu and Nasser, The start of the journey, from Kuwait to Sirilanka

and me and Mohammed

The Hotel we stayed in at Sirilanka, it was like a high school buliding

Internet and/or E-mail service place :P

a Scene of the Sirilankan Nature

Reading some books during the long flight from Sirilankan to Tokyo, it took about 9:30 hours

The buzz of the arrival at narita airport in Japan, Nasser and Zizu are lost :)

Getting some YENS!!!! hahaha Finally I touched the Japanese currency

This place is at the basment of the airport we booked the Shinkansen(bullet train) tickets from here

The level of the rigid systems and organization can be seen at the airport, you throw different kinds of trash into different trash bins

Me and Zizu in the bus to our Hotel

Jubantai taichou Alhulail Ibrahim Desu!!! lol Imagining that I'm a shinigami, I got into the Japanese mode as soon as I got into my hotel room :)

a pic with the fluent in English (not really) tour guide Mori-san, he's a really interesting guy

If u want to know the reason for these happy faces check the pic below.....

........ Oishii desu!!! :)

I saw this lady near the restaurant we just ate at, I was reluctant about talking to her cuz I wasn't sure about my Japanses Language but after some encouragement from Mohammed I was able to chat with her for about 10mins all in Japanese, I felt more confident after it :D

it cannot be Japan if there wasen't any Samurais ;)

using the solar energy :0 this is japan after all :)

This is a Roman-Catholic Electronic? Church

Use your Imagination...... ;)

at Asakusa, behind us is a famous temple
they wanted to take a pic with us so badly :P

Cool BnBn 8)

P.S we will upload the videos we shot in the tour soon, stay tuned.