Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Earthquake in Japan

هذي الصورة من زلزال هز اليابان قبل كم يوم طبعا احنا (انشاء الله) مسافرين مسافرين اليابان حتي لو انفجر بركان بطوكيو وللعلم اليابان تعتبر اكثر دولة تعرضا للزلازل بمعدل هزة كل خمس دقائق

بس السؤال اذا لاسمح الله تعرضنا لزلزال هناك شنو نسوي ؟؟ وخاصة انا احنا مو متدربين ؟؟
ينفع نختبأ تحت الطاولة
This is a pic of the most recent Earthquake in Japan, personally I think it's scary but it would take more than a devastating earthquake or an erupting volcano to stop us from going!!
fact: Earthquakes in Japan are very frequent
( 1 earthquake per 5 minutes )

Monday, July 23, 2007

The Cost

هذا جدول لتكاليف الرحلة المتوقعة بالنسبة للشخص الواحد و بالدينار الكويتي احنا مسوينة
Basically, a table of all the costs of the trip, all the prices listed are in Kuwaiti Dinar (KD)

1.00 KD = 3.54053 USD according to on 30th july
I hope that this list would be helpful for anyone who is planning to go to Japan.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Nihon e (to Japan)

August 16th 2007, I will be in Japan (inshalla) with three of my friends. I've created this blog for the purpose of recording and distributing the accounts of this journey to Japan. I hope that I'll be able to do daily updates with the help of my friends starting from 16th august, we will try to furnish the posts with photos and videos depending on what kind of utilities will be available for us there. The trip will be mainly in Tokyo and Osaka while visiting some other areas like Kyoto. I really hope that this blog will be helpful for anyone who wants to visit Japan one day or learn about it. Stay tuned for further updates and any suggestion, feedback or comments will be absolutly welcomed.