Friday, May 30, 2008

We opened a new blog


Friday, September 14, 2007

Game Over!?

Yup, unfortunately, we're going to stop the updates on the forum since none seems to be interested for uploading nor creating the videos after we arrived to Kuwait. So, thanks for your support along the way, it has been fun, and when we'll have another kind of adventure, we'll try to make another blog for it if it was agreed between us :P . See ya laterz and Embark 3alaykom El-shahar :D

Sunday, September 9, 2007

No New Updates?

Yea, unfortunately, we are kinda busy here and more importantly, LAZY!!!, anyways, just thought I'd make a quick post as an update. If there's a video update, or if I saw this blog is getting useless or we're not going to update it for a while, I'll announce something as well.

Monday, September 3, 2007

You're Alive!?

Yup, we're still kicking and we have another video as a treat for you , although this one was kinda simple, but we thought we would release it anyway. Enjoy, and I think some videos are on their way as well. Ciao~


1- I just woke up from bed,
2- I'm hungry...
3- Ramadan is on its way, wohoo!!!
4- Hope people are still checking the blog, otherwise, this post has been a waste :P

Friday, August 31, 2007


Woot, we have arrived to Kuwait and I'm posting from my home as promised, nothing special to say but just wanted to let the people who are outside of Kuwait that we landed safely in Kuwait, any further information on videos or anything else will be provided when I know, but from what I know now is that bnbn is going to his parent's chalet for about a week I think, so there isn't going to be a media upload update for a week, but I'll try to update once in a while. Ciao~

1- I missed the home cooking. (hmm...NERO!!!)
2- I've got some downloading to do.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The End...

Yes, this is probably going be our last post for our trip, we hope you enjoyed our blog, however, we don't know if we're going to continue updating the blog or not. I'm not going to make this long since I've got a some stuff to do ahead. Finally, for our people who wanted to know when are we coming back: {na8za 3alshan eymerrona :P}

Flight Number: UL 227
Date of Arrival: 31st of August 2007
Time of Arrival: 18:15= 6:15 PM (Kuwait Time)
Flight Path {No, not of World of Warcraft's :P}: Tokyo----->Maldives----->Colombo----->Dubai---->Kuwait

Yes, we know we're going to be through hell by just looking at the flight path, but we'll make it {enshalla}. Ciao~


1- I'm probably going to update the blog myself from my home when I return.
2- To Ahmed.B, this post was harder on me to write than it is for you to read it. {Ya3ni Dramatic :P }
3- I'm tired :(

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Yes, I'm sorry to say that the last 2 days won't be any recordings for them because our camera malfunctioned { ya3ni e5terbat :P }, and we're kinda busy wrapping up our stuff and doing some shopping but we'll try to update with old videos and pictures if possible so no promises. Ciao~

1- This was a short post again, yes I know, but bnbn insisted that I don't write a long post, I kinda agree, since I'm going to pack up my bags now.
2- This post wasn't posted in the middle of the night.
3- Tareq, I dreamed yesterday about a 2nd live-action show of One Piece, hope you're not angry. :P
4- Ahmed.B, this post is more boring to write than to read it.

Monday, August 27, 2007

The "No New Updates Post"... Nah, Just Kidding

Yay, no more "No new updates", least today isn't that post, well, enjoy the new video from us, hope you like it. Ciao~

1- This is a very short post which comes only once a year.
2- The reason is that I'm going to have my dinner, and I'm dying from hunger (Thanks NooNoo and bnbn)
3- To Ahmed, this post was both easy to read and write.

And The Poster is...?!

اشلونكم جميعًا
ادري إنه مالي حس و مو قاعد اشارك كلش بس عشان صار الطلب وايد علي قلت اراضي جمهوري ولو اشويه هيهيهيهيييي
بما انه هذا اول بوست حقي قلت اتكلم عن اللي صار اليوم و اللي تحت عنوان "بطيينه الجربه": ما بقى على السفرة إلا يومييين فا الكل حس بالوقت و قام يشتري الأكو و اللي ماكو اللي يشتري صوايغ و اللي يشتري اجهزه يعني بختصار قمنا انرد الفندق كذا مره عشان انفرغ البضائع لوووووووووووووول الصراحة أنا من ناحيتي تقريبًا فلست هيهيهييي بس لا اتخافووون انا فاتح صندوق تبروعات فا اللي يحب يساعد اخوووكم و حبييبكم المسكيييين يحوللي على هالإحساب ٤٦٤٤٥٢٠١٠٠٠٠٠٠٠٠ انا ادري انكم ما راح اتقصرون لووووووول
و حبيييت اشكر كل من شارك في الموقع وبالأخص اللي قاعدييين يردون على المواضيع لأن صج بدونهم جان ما نجح الموقع وصار حده ماله معنى فا يعطيييكم ألف ألف عافيه و سامحونه على القصور بباي انشوفكم على خير

Sunday, August 26, 2007

One Piece

We are lucky enough to be in Japan during the 10th anniversary for the creation of the most famous anime and manga One Piece.

There is alot of buzz around this anniversay such as special manga volumes magazines and one piece themed shops.

I definitely got a One Piece fever now and I'm in a pirates frenzy mode, all of this is because of the One piece live action we went to at the Universal Studios at Osaka.

ok now we will present to u a teaser video of the show, enjoy and don't be angry (Tarek :P)

Note: we didn't know about the show when we went to the Universal Studios it was a lucky hit for us :)